Inside Removable Series

(Storm Windows placed on the outside of yourdrawing of XIR Model invisible style storm window for historic homes and buildings
existing window)


The Inside Removable Series offer several benefits over old storm windows.
Low profile frame (2 1/8” wide) around the outside perimeter— only projects 7/16” deep.
Frames made of heavy aluminum extrusion with a unique “invisible” design
Many glazing options – up to 1/4” thick glass (1/8” DSB standard) –
Tempered, Laminated, Low E, Plexiglas, Lexan and more.
Panels conveniently remove to the inside of the home for cleaning or interchanging them with the optional screen panels available using standard clear clips.
Other features available:
-ANY Custom Color matched. – Heavy extruded screen panels for ventilation

Model – XIR

– Complete One lite panel removable to the inside
Primarily used on inswing casement windows.

Model – XIR1

– Split Pane – Top pane is fixed glass, and
the bottom or lower panel is removable to the inside through existing.
Primarily used on double hung windows where prime windows lower pane operate

Model – XIR2

– Split Pane – Top & bottom panel removable to the inside
Primarily used on double hung windows where both prime windows operate .
(This model can also have a top interchangeable screen panel if ordered extra)

XIR Installation Instructions
XIR Nested Angle Installation Instructions