Installation Magnetic Series (MAG1)

Mag 1 series storm window slice diagram

Installation Instructions
PRODUCT: Interior Magnetic Series (MAG1)

Tools Needed:
• Tape measure, marker (carpenter’s pencil).
• Screw Gun or Drill and bits of type and size appropriate for the construction material of the window.
• Anchors appropriate for the construction material of your application.
• Ladder
Mounting Deep guide channels or L angle:
JAMBS (sides) – Determine the location of Magnetic Storm Window by screwing these channels or angle (if nested application) with supplied screws. Be sure both sides are installed in the same manner – ie: if you measured in 1” on the right side make sure you measure 1” in on the left side.
HEAD (top) – Mount deep guide channel across the head in front of the deep guide jamb channels or angle with supplied screws. Make sure header channel is pressed tight against side channels.
Installing the Magnetic Panel:
The magnetic panel can now be inserted into the upper deep guide channel and pressed back against the side stops. The unit will close like your refrigerator door and the weather-strip seal on the bottom will adapt to any paint build up on the sill level