Installation Interior Sliding Series (SL)

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Installation Instructions
PRODUCT: Interior Sliding Series (SL)

Tools Needed:
• Tape measure, marker (carpenter’s pencil).
• Screw Gun or Drill and bits of type and size appropriate for the construction material of the window.
• Anchors appropriate for the construction material of your application.
• Ladder
Mounting Tracks:
Identify the Header Track by finding the two tracks that match the prime window width. The Header Track is the deeper of the two and does not have the ends slotted.
Attach the header track to the bottom of the header with the #6 x 1” flat head screws included. (In some cases, using a small amount of an appropriate construction adhesive between the track and the header may add stability to the track especially if the header material is thin or weak)
Now identify the two Jamb (side) Tracks. Align each Jamb Track directly under the Header Track so that the tracks align with each other. Making sure that the Jamb Track is plumb screw the track to the jamb using the #6 x 1” flat head screws included.
At this time the Bottom Track is to be placed into the Jamb Track by aligning the cutouts of the Bottom Track with the slots of the Jamb Track. Then lower the opposite end so that it aligns with the opposite Jamb Track. No fasteners are used on this item so that it can be removed easily for cleaning.
Now place the glass panels into the frame. Holding the inactive panel (the panel with no handles) at a slight angle, insert the top of the panel into the header track closest to the outside. As the panel glides into the top track, pivot the bottom of the panel toward the bottom track. When the panel is located above the proper channel in the bottom track allow the panel to lower into that channel. Repeat this procedure for the active panel. Place both panels in the configuration that best suits the application. When cleaning or attempting to operate the prime window simply slide the active panel in front of the in-active one to gain access to the prime window. If the situation requires, both panels can be aligned and moved in tandem left or right by simple gripping both at the same time.
Congratulations on your successful installation of the Historic Invisible Storm Windows Slider!